5 Points of Interest on “NAM, a novel ~ The Story of a Generation”

5 Points of Interest about the Book’s Content or Story

  1. Understand the Vietnam War backstory. Through Le Van Dat readers will develop an understanding of how a poor country like North Vietnam could persevere and ultimately win a war against the world’s largest superpower. Revealed is a historic and cultural backbone of a foe that would never give in and would fight with every available weapon to gain victory; a fact not considered or fully understood by America’s politicians.
  2. Who fought in Vietnam and why. The characters in NAM, The Story of a Generation present a conflicting and confusing rationale for why men fight in war and how different this rationale in combatants can be.
  3. How Vietnam changed war forever in America. The Vietnam Generation was the first to nationally resist, in great numbers, a war declared by the United States. It was a rejection of mindless war-making that changed the country forever, though Vietnam’s lessons are sometimes forgotten today.
  4. The shameful way Vietnam Veterans were treated upon their return is carefully examined in NAM, The Story of a Generation. Many of the problems and issues experienced by the characters in the book are retold from actual accounts. As the Vietnam Generation grew into middle-age, America’s treatment of all military combatants markedly improved as a direct result.
  5. Understand the Baby Boomers. Often called the “Me Generation”, Boomers are often tagged as the spoiled and entitled generation. Understanding this generation means getting inside their heads: how were they raised and who raised them; what were the expectations of the Greatest Generation on their children; were they cowards or patriots; who among them fought, and why?